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Director’s Message

Dr. Charu Sharma
(M.B.E, Ph.D. Management)

Director's Message

In the new information age, scholarly intensity is fundamental for accomplishing the goal to become a leader in one’s life. For this, quality education, all the more so with a great deal of practical orientation is of foremost significance. Designing curriculum in professional colleges includes a great deal of reasonable methodology along with good practical understanding to manage real world issues effectively and efficiently.

Since its origin, the institute has not only grown up in its infrastructure but has also developed a lot in terms of academics and laboratories. A well-balanced educational plan, instructed by qualified, talented, and experienced staff members builds up the necessary abilities in students so that they can meet the upcoming applications.

The establishment has faith in a balanced development of the millennials in order to expand their learning capacity. To accomplish this, the establishment gives the course structure that has been intended to empower the managerial skills to sharpen their administrative abilities and get them familiar with the recent innovations occurring in the business. The pedagogical tools applied by the employees continually inspire the students to be imaginative, able and inventive. The learning granted by our exceptionally experienced staff members motivates students to develop in them high level of confidence, which place them in an advantageous position in turning out to be effective directors and brand representatives of their associations.
We cordially invite you to this scholastic local area here at A&M Institute of Management & Technology, Pathankot.